Dedicated to Developing and Delivering Fuel-Dispensing Filter Technology For Over 75 Years

PetroClear, by FRAM Filtration, has been dedicated to manufacturing petroleum dispensing filters for over 75 years. FRAM Filtration is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative filter technology that meets the emerging needs of today’s petroleum marketers and commercial fueling applications. PetroClear filters are not only compatible with regular petroleum products, but also with ethanol, methanol and biodiesel blends, a crucial consideration as the use of alternative fuels grows throughout the world. FRAM Filtration’s commitment to product innovation comes through loud and clear in its PetroClear filters, which have become “The Clear Choice in Dispenser Filtration.”

PetroClear proudly markets products through a select group of distributors who have an inventory of our products and who share a commitment to enhancing customer value. The distributors’ customers typically include independent oil jobbers, single C-Store owners, major oil companies, convenience store chains, hypermarkets, local governments, service contractors and commercial fueling sites.

So if you’re looking for a fuel-dispensing filter that provides the service life and performance you seek, the choice is clear — PetroClear.

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